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Machine Tool Slideways Lubricants



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Description : CENWAY Series formulated with additives designed to prevent the stick/slip or chatter phenomena that commonly occur at the beginning and end of a machine tool stroke. This happens because the lubricant and additives are squeezed out during boundary lubrication conditions. Metal to metal contact then occurs, also causing wear to the slideways. CENWAY Series uses EP additives that form a hard boundary layer of protection and tackifying agents that improve the adhesion properties of the oil. These additives prevent stick/slip and wear. Additionally, CENWAY is anti-rust fortified and has excellent resistance to water washout. This is important since emulsified cutting fluids are commonly used and components are generally exposed to the environment. Characteristics : 68 Packaging: Available in 18 litre pail and 200 litre drum Waste Handling & Disposal Method:  Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and Local environmental regulations. In most cases land fill or incineration would apply. There are no uniform EC regulations for the disposal of chemicals or residues. Chemical residues generally are applied as “special waste.” We recommend that you contact either the authorities in charge or approved waste companies which will advise you on how to dispose of special waste. Do not allow to enter drinking water supplier, waste water or soil without municipal authorization. Storage & Transport: Not regulated.