H-1816 Order Enquiry

Semi-automatic Billet Saw

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  1. Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shut-off.
  2. Hydraulic blade tension.
  3. Individual motor drive power wire brush.
  4. Cutting fluid flushing hose for machine cleaning.
  5. Column type down feed system with sealed bearings.
  6. Automatic saw frame return selector.
  7. Saw frame height selector gauge.
  8. Projection light.
  9. Roller bearing and hydraulically clamped carbide blade guide system.
  10. Hydraulic shuttle table.
  11. One set of heavy construction vise.
  12. Fence plate on discharge side.
  13. Anti-Vibration roller.
  14. Powered movable guide arm with hydraulic lock.
  15. Variable blade speed controlled by inverter.
  16. Automatic chip conveyor.
  17. One M42 bi-metal saw blade.
  18. One set of tools and tool box.
  1. Out of square detector.
  2. Dead roller table, 3 M long
  3. Power roller table, 3 M long
  4. Auxiliary vise 1 set