HW700 / 1100 Order Enquiry


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  1. Feed pressure compensation unit.
  2. Column type down feed system.
  3. Guide arm locked by hydraulic.
  4. Vertical clamping device.
  5. Full stroke vice hydraulic clamp.
  6. Hydraulic work lift roller with manual feeding – infeed side.
  7. Auxiliary vise (For HW500/900)
  8. Powered angle setting with LED display.
  9. One piece of bi-metal saw blade.
  10. One set of tools with tool box.
  11. Hydraulic work lift roller with power feeding – infeed side.
  12. Hydraulic worklift roller with power feeding – outfeed side .
  1. Dead roller table, 2 M long.
  2. Dead roller table, 3 M long.
  3. Power feeding roller table, 3M long.
  4. Variable vice pressure.
  5. Hydraulic work lift roller with manual feeding – outfeed side