NC-700HA Order Enquiry

High Efficiency Cutting Band Saw : Column Type


  1. Machine design suitable for using TCT saw blade.
  2. Extreme Duty transmission
  3. Variable blade speed controlled by inverter.
  4. Guide arm travels on linear guide way and moves in coordination with the movable vise jaw.
  5. Auto trim cut and initial cut positioning.
  6. Close approach Vise reduces remnants
  7. Hydraulic full stroke dual-vise clamping system with floating vises.
  8. PLC control, for all electric and hydraulic functions.
  9. HMI/PLC User Friendly Touch Screen with self-diagnosis system.
  10. NC control with 9 working jobs.
  11. Adjustable hydraulic pressure & feed control on control panel.
  12. Power driven blade cleaning brush.
  13. Automatic work height control by fast approach bar sensor.
  14. Out of stock shutoff.
  15. Blade anti-vibration device.
  16. Hydraulic blade tensioning.
  17. Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shutoff.
  18. Hydraulic actuated carbide blade guides.
  19. Roller type work table.
  20. Independent electric cabinet and control panel.
  21. Automatic chip conveyor.
  22. Flushing hose for machine cleaning.
  23. Work light
  24. One M42 bi-metal saw blade ready to use.
  25. One set of tools.
  1. Roller stock table 2M long
  2. Out of square detector
  3. Automatic adjusting dual chip brushes