P-100B Order Enquiry

Circular Saw

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  1. Friendly and easy to operate touch screen.
  2. Hydraulic clamped front & vertical vises.
  3. Floating shuttle device.
  4. Hydraulic sorting chute.
  5. Electro-Magnetic powder brake
  6. Individual power wire brush.
  7. Automatic loading table (5M) only for round bar.
  8. Saw blade 2pcs
  9. Automatic chip conveyor
  10. Transmission belt x 2pcs.
  11. Cutting mist oil 5 gallons.
  12. One set of tools with tool box.
  1. Air Filter
  2. Air Compressor
  3. Variable vise pressure
  4. Cutting fluid coolant system
  5. Air blow device for tube cutting