V-0422 Order Enquiry


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  1. Movable saw head for space saving.
  2. Saw head moved by hydraulic cylinder.
  3. Saw head speed controlled by hydraulic flow and pressure control valve.
  4. Saw guide arm elevation is hydraulically operated.
  5. Control panel moves with saw head.
  6. Work light.
  7. Hydraulic blade tension.
  8. .Hydraulic actuated carbide blades guides.
  9. Independent power driven cleaning brush.
  10. 2pcs of scale build in the inner table.
  11. F Clamping device (4pcs)
  12. Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shutoff.
  13. Rapid saw head forward and return.
  14. Cutting fluid flushing hose for machine cleaning.
  15. Infinitely variable blade speed controlled by inverter.
  16. Automatic chip conveyor.
  17. One M42 Bi-metal saw blade.
  18. One set of tools and tool box.
  1. Out of square detector
  2. Laser projector
  3. Hydraulic lifting table with roller and ball transfer unit