Why Us

We want you to achieve the very best results and highest possible efficiency with the help of our high-precision products. Excellent results like these are the result of an entire process in which all of the parameters must be aligned just perfectly.


It may mean cooperating with folks around the https://justdomyhomework.com/ globe.

Tele-Service for critical assistance

Amsaw Solution Sdn Bhd’s tele-service will help you to quickly solve the machine problems by minimal repair times and lower service cost.

Welding of bandsaw blade

Amsaw Solution Sdn Bhd provides quality welding services and we accept welding of any lenght

Service Team

Amsaw Solution Sdn Bhd provides maintenance service of various type of bandsaw machines. Site services attended by qualified technician

Re-condition for all kind of sawing machines

Amsaw Solution Sdn Bhd also do re-conditioning for various type of bandsaw machines.

Our Product Brand


EVERISING has been specializing in large sized band saws since 1983. Throughout the years the priorities of “high quality, innovation and leading technology” have guided the company through sustained growth. During this growth the company has enjoyed continuous affirmation of their quality in the form of CE certification in 1994, ISO 9001 from 1995. "Everising-To Quality", we are demonstrating our commitment to better quality, service and products with reasonable and competitive prices to help our customers work towards the goal of a better future.

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ASSUREMAC offers an extensive range of band saws capable to meet a diverse range of machining needs. All of ASSUREMAC band saws utilize cutting edge technologies, high-quality components and perform at the highest standards with minimal maintenance required

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Simonds offers an extensive array of professional grade products including a comprehensive line of industrial band saw blades and technologies for metal cutting applications and the support or maintenance equipment for many of their products and hand files. All Simonds Band Saw Products are manufactured under a Quality System ISO9001:2000 Certified, And all Products are sold through a comprehensive worldwide distributor base.

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WESPA is one of the leading global manufacturers of sawing tools providing customized solutions and sawing products, including a range of carbon and bi-metal band saw to meet the requirements of industrial customers and distributors/ partners worldwide. All WESPA Band Saw Products are manufactured with the ISO 9001 quality management system. "WESPA always followed stringent quality control measures to provide the highest product and service quality

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